A quick bit about me

A bit about Me

My name is Smyth, I co-own Rugged Woman Apparel LLC with my boyfriend Chris, he is incredibly supportive and has given me the courage to take risks and put, not only myself,  but my creative works out there to share with the world!

We do not have any children, but we do have a dog, Bella. She is my shadow.

I am an Art Teacher at two local elementary schools where my students feed my enthusiasm for creativity. You can take a peek at that IG page here: miss_b_teaches_art

My story for RWA goes back o my childhood, so let's rewind.

I never pictured myself as being fashionable. Sure, when I was very young, I loved dressing up. I changed my outfit three to four times a day, just so I could wear different clothes. I loved the colors and the patterns. As I grew older, I was never cool or popular and the only time I dressed to fit the current fad, was around my birthday when my relatives bought me new clothes. I think a lot of this is because I am the oldest of four and money was tight. By my teenage years, my parents were going through a divorce; now my clothes came from kind hearted family members and friends as they cleaned out their closets. By the time I got something ‘cool’ it was NOT cool anymore, so I reverted to dressing classically.

Now that I am older, I value the struggles I had in my past. It taught me to appreciate what I did have, and to modify what was available to me to turn it into my own style. I learned to focus less on pop culture and clothing. I became more resourceful and creative, and designed clothing that I felt expressed me on an individual level. 

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