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Saturday, August 24, 2019

School Starts Monday

I start school Monday... 2 days from now (not even) 1 day and a few hours...

And I am so full of emotions.

Excitement about the new beginnings, and to see my students again. Yes, I missed them!

Joy for the fresh start. 

Curiosity, What will this year hold? What new challenges will If ace? What will be my student's interests? How will I be able to reach my students this year? What connections will we make?

I am really looking forward to trying some new projects... I Have a long list of exciting new idea... and I can't wait to revisit some favorite projects. All summer I've been adding toa list of the things "we'll have to do". 

But then, 

I am anxious for the new start for many of the same reasons that I am excited or curious... It's odd how the same things can evoke completely different feelings. 

I'm even feeling a bit of dread... not for school, or even the next 9(10) months.. but for the nitty gritty, and the grind. 

If I am to be honest, I have not set foot in either of my classrooms yet.. And I am sure that is where some of this dread is coming from. Sure, I have been preparing for school. I have my first day lessons planned. I have a pile of new posters to hang on the walls, and banners to line the halls with and welcome our students back with. They are sitting on my dining room table, and stored in my supply closet at school... I had the foresight at the end of last year, to prepare for the start of this year... But I have yet to visit the school. 

I spent my summer working at Heritage Farm Pancake house. I am helping organize a (going to be awesome) Renaissance Faire. And spent far too much time fighting with automobile issues.  
Now it is time to snap into school.

I guess it is alright, that I have not spent time there. It means I was able to wrap up my other projects; bring them to conclusion. 
Tomorrow, I will pull the rest of my school essentials together... and I will be able to return to school open-minded, focused, and undivided!

Monday, Here I come!

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